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Here is our third draft of the published programme with much more detail. Have a look and get excited but remember that things may yet change!!


  • Play Thoughts

    • Extending our thinking about play with key sessions looking and thinking about play from different perspectives.
  • Playwork Theory

    • This is all about the thinking behind what we do as playworkers. From the classic playwork theories of play types, play cycle, compound flexibility, loose parts to more complex joining up of ides that incorporate ideology and environment
  • Playwork and Older Children

    • In playwork we make on offer to ALL children and according to the UNCRC children remain so until they are eighteen. So what do we need to think about and understand in our work with the non primary school aged children?
  • Revisiting Intervention

    • Whist playwork may have its accepted set of ‘Appropriate Intervention Styles’ there is much more that needs to be considered in our everyday interactions with children and the how and when of our intervention in their play. This extends to the very existence of staffed settings and non traditional places that the playwork approach is used
  • Play Time

    • A few sessions that give you the opportunity to think aabout and even do practical things!


  • Current Research

    • Hear from the new thinkers of today and tomorrow about how they are advancing our thinking about play and playwork.
  • More Playwork Theory

    • As if the offerings on Tuesday were not enough the Wednesday programme gives and stretches yet more!
  • Playwork and...

    • This track will look at early years, learning and play, forest schools and play in schools and what we can learn from each other.
  • Making Inclusion Inclusive

    • Inclusion can be tokenistic and if we look at our settings can we honestly say that we are offering a provision which is accessed by all parts of our community? What do we need to do to make our setting more accessible and we need to remember that inclusion is more than just disability
  • Miscellaneous

    • There are always some bits and pieces that we can't ft in anywhere else. So here they are!

And here's the PDF version of the Journey Planner and the Visual Timetable all ready for you to look at and start planning your Conference!


There is no need to print them off as when you arrive at Conference you will be given your very own pretty copy.

JP 2018 planner v22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [16.7 MB]
visual timetable 2018 v4.pdf
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