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Dave Poulton

After turning down the lucrative career as an heir to the family theme park, Dave accidently stumbled into his role as a playworker.

Dave has been a playworker for about 13 years.

For the three years, Dave has worked as a playworker and playwork traininer for the Meynell Games Group.

Prior to working for Meynell Games, Dave has spent the last 10 years working at various afterschool clubs, holiday playschemes, camps, and youth clubs as either as a playworker, playwork manager, sports coach, fitness instructor, or development worker for the Local Authority.

Dave is a qualified playworker and is currently studying play and playwork on the post graduate course at the University of Gloucestershire.

In his spare time you can probably find Dave playing ice or inline hockey for his local team in Berkshire, or DJing in various nightclubs around Surrey.

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