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Jacky Kilvington

Jacky Kilvington – previously very experienced in the practical and theoretical side of play and playwork, now doing a lot more thinking and writing about children and play and playing a lot with grandchildren and observing them with their friends – so having the opportunity to see play from a different perspective.

Sessions Being Delivered
Misunderstanding play and how playwork might not be helping
DayTuesdayTime11:45 - 13:15Room7
LevelGive me more!
TrackTRACK 7: Thinking About Playwork
Advanced Play Types – play type complexities
DayTuesdayTime13:30 – 14:30Room2
LevelGive me more!
TrackTRACK 2: Playwork Theory
Wha tis play?
DayWedTime12:30- 13:30Room13
LevelMoving on
TrackTRACK 13: What is play?
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