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Chris Martin:

The National Playwork Conference is the last bit of infrastructural glue that keeps the sector together across the UK.

For England in particular, where all of our national infrastructure has disappeared, the Conference is essential in providing a space that is ours where we can celebrate, mourn, share good practice as well as things we could have done better, play with new ideas, argue, and generally enjoy being with other playworkers.

It always inspires me and I leave motivated and ready to re-enter the fray for another year and I could not imagine a year without attending.

It’s like no other conference I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot) and there’s always something a bit magical about it.

The Conference is a huge feat of organisation as well as needing a lot of money to put on, and I urge all of you reading this to support the Conference by committing to attend. If you’ve attended before then you’ll know what I mean, and if this will be your first time, you’re in for a real treat.

I’ll see you there :-)


When I attended a few years ago it had a huge impact on my professional practice in all areas of early years and Playwork. I am currently a Montessori Teacher but also part of a team for an out of school club who had never experienced Playwork until I started in August... I am slowly re educating them to look at the out of school club from a child and playworker perspective. If there is anything at all I can do to help please shout.

Lesli Godfrey:

Thanks very much for an excellent conference. It’s much appreciated by everyone who attends, including me, and provides a breath of spring in an often depressing and hostile world.

Declan O’Halloren:

I want to send my heartfelt thanks for the whole conference experience made all the more welcoming by your inimitability. A real insight for a dude like me in the field of environmental design and in particular being able to gain an understanding about what my colleagues in chypps are all about!

Tracey Beasley:

Thank you for a fantastic conference!! We met some truly inspiring people & attended lots of useful, informative, passionate & totally pleasurable workshops. Just fab, start to finish!

Simon Rix:

Thanks Meynell and team for the conference this year. One of the most enjoyable, relaxed and supportive I've ben to, especially considering the critical times. :)

Janine Brady:

Thank you @MeynellGames for hosting yet another #natplayconf brilliant as ever & inspiring to spend time with so many passionate play workers

Keith Rogers:

This week, 20 staff and volunteers from Sycamore Adventure attended the National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne and took part in two days of intensive playwork training and networked with the key theorists, trainers and professionals from the play sector. The team also attended the National Playwork Awards which recognise the very best in playwork practice, playwork training, playwork provision, playwork teams, playwork writers and playwork individuals nationally.

Jacky Kilvington:

Great big thanks for another excellent conference. Although tired I arrived home feeling revitalised and filled with all sorts of things to think about.
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The National Playwork Conference is brought to you by: Training, Playwork and Play CIC: 13575861 11 Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne BN20 7QN 01323 730500