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Awards Panels

The judges for the 6th Annual Playwork Awards are listed below. As a progression from previous years we have decided that instead of one judging panel for all the awards there will be individual panels for each separate award.

Judges may serve on more than one panel.

If an individual or organisation that a judge has any relationship with is nominated, that judge will step down.

The awards panels are:

Training Provider

Ali Wood - Panel Convenor

Karen Benjamin
Di Murray
Mel Kearsley
Debbie Willett

Wendy Russell

Playwork Writer

Grant Lambie - Panel Convenor
Sarah Wilson
Morgan Leichter-Saxby
Joel Seath

Paul Bonel Memorial Award

Lesli Godfrey - Panel Convenor
Hanna Boyce
Tanny Stobart

Margaret Deevy

Magda Gay

Ana Ardelean

Playwork Team

Chris Martin - Panel Convenor

John McKendrik

Pip Levett

Barry Walden

Outstanding Playwork provision

Tony Delahoy - Panel Convenor

Keith Cranwell

Keith Rogers

Hannah Goldsmith

Rachel Temple

Playwork in other contexts

Meynell - Panel Convenor

Sarah Goldsmith

Laura Walsh

David Stonehouse
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