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Power of Play
Invited speakers from across the world have been asked to present 45 minute lecture on the power of play from their specific academic perspective. This will be followed by a question and answer session. The presenters background and knowledge will make this a multidisciplinary track over the 2 days.
Places People Play
A fascinating set of presentations that explore where children play. There will be sessions looking at different aspects of staffed provision as well as places where there are potentially no adults.
Reinvigorating Playwork
Arthur Battram and friends will spend the day looking at playwork past, present and future whist pondering the questions about what happens next
Adventure Play
Jess Milne curates this track looking at the history, practice and application of the theories of Adventure Play.
Playwork Research
With the growing number of Masters and PhD graduates and students we are becoming richer in the research base behind playwork. Hear about the latest ideas and be inspired.
Playwork Theory
As always there will be a series of sessions taking you through various aspects of playwork theory from the playwork principles to psycholudics and everything in between
We always have a bunch of really interesting sessions reflecting current thinking, broaching new ideas or people reporting on their work that don't fit into any other track. So we put them here!
Playing Within Nature
In this track we will explore using the great outdoors. Some established favourites plus some new and exciting ideas for you to take back to your practice.
Playwork Thought
Bob Hughes and Gordon Sturrock sit down to chat about what they have done and why they think what they think
More Advanced Play Theory
Following on from Tuesdays sessions this track will take you deeper in your considerations of the theories and approaches behind playwork
A series of sessions that either talk about what is happening in play and playwork in another part of the world or features a provocation inspired by what is happening in another country.
A different approach to the them of inclusion takes us on a little journey inspired by stories of specific styles of work
Making groups, creating organisations, working together, we are not alone. The more we talk the more we can share. The more we can share the more we can do. The more we do the better lives are for children and young people.
As it says in the title!
The Great Outdoors
A final four sessions out in the garden thinking about and engaging with what we can do when we close the doors of the building and venture into the wilderness
Art Room
Our open access art room will be available across the two days for you to fulfil your creative urges. We will also be delivering some 'classes' to give you ideas to take back to your settings.
Mobility exhibition
The iP-D!P DoPP mobilities that have taken place will be mounting a static display to give a flavour of what they saw, learnt and discussed whilst in the host country.
Showing films of various lengths which allow for reflections about play and playwork. Some films will be followed by a Q&A session with someone connected to the film.
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