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Community Playwork in the Royal Parks? - Panda Gavin

The Play in the Park project aims to ensure that the newly refurbished Gloucester Gate and Greenwich Park playgrounds are well used by families from the low socio-economic areas closest to them. This has led us to the inevitable question– can a play area be both ‘destination’ and community? Considering that ‘children’s play’ is one of the the most common reasons for using urban green spaces, what is the role of playwork in tackling the access issues faced by those children and families who experience marginalisation?  I am hoping to share the project's journey and invite participants to share (through games and group discussion) their experiences and / or ideas on this topic with the aim of communal learning.

TIME: 09:30-10:45 LENGTH: 1 hour 15 mins TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

Seen and heard - Penny Wilson

It’s remarkable that we need to advocate for something as beautifully vital as play, but we do. In this session we will chat together about the ways we have found  to help people understand this incredible phenomenon and why it is so important. Penny will share some of the things that have worked in her practice, however this is primarily a shared conversation , reflective practice, we will learn from each other.

TIME: 11:00-11:45 LENGTH: 45 mins TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

The forgotten age... Teennagers in Hospital - Nicky Everett

Hospitals across the UK treat members of the public from all walks of life regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, or background. For children there are specially trained paediatric staff on paediatric wards within the hospital, to provide age appropriate care. The same applies for adults; there are trained adult nurses caring for adults within both the specialist and general wards and outpatients’ departments. However, teenagers are neither children nor adults, so where do they fit in? This session will look at where teenagers fit into our NHS provision, how and where they are treated and what support, if any, is in place for their age group.

TIME: 12:00-13:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Easy

Freedom to Play beats Right to Play - Rob Wheway

For 50 years I have advocated the child’s right to play.  Over that time, children have had decreasing freedom to play.  This session will argue that the right to play is pointless without the freedom to play.  IPA England have a focus on freedom to play.  This session will explore how we can ensure that children have freedom to play.

TIME: 13:45-15:00 LENGTH: 1 hour 15 mins TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Harder

Children's rights in law and practice - Iain Cameron

Children’s rights are coming slowly into law. Ideals are being translated into reality. This process is often hailed as a simple good but it remains to be seen whose views are taken into account while attitudes and practice are formed. Come for some provocation and discussion of giving children access to their rights.

TIME: 15:30-17:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

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