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The Tracks 2022

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Explore the tracks for 2022! 

Do note that the times, sessions, and tracks they are on may change

What Really is Playwork

From simple to complicated, is there only one approach to playwork or is playwork a brush with many colours?


Old Faithfuls

Hear stories and inspirations from some of the playwork people who have been around for a long time. Let us learn from the wisdom of our Elders!


Interactions, Interventions and Reflections

Is it minimum intervention, maximum response? When is it right to be talking to children? And other important conversation about the role of the adult in a child’s play space



This is about putting principle 4 into action. How do we advocate for play and also how do we do the same for playwork?


Practical Ideas

A series of sessions of ‘doing’ things. Some of it will be play for Conference delegates but all of it can be taken back to your setting as an offer to ‘spark’ play. Oh, and in each session whatever it is it starts with an ’S’!


Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds are often seen as the beating heart of playwork practice with children very much at the centre of constructing and creating the space in which they play. In this track we want to not only upskill and inform those who work on Adventure playgrounds but also share ideas that playworkers in other playwork settings could take and us


Playwork Stories and Discussions

Sharing stories and reflecting on practice are key to being a successful playworker. Here we have three very different approaches to how our stories inform our practice and plenty of opportunities to think about how we can be better


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