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Paul Bonel Memorial Award [sponsored by SkillsActive] [last year's recipient was Michael Follett]

This award is to be given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the play and playwork sector but who does not fit in to any other award category. This could be a recent contribution, one that has been ongoing for a while or one that is historical. This is not a lifetime achievement award but an award for what could be a single significant piece of work or project or something that has been happening over a long period of time.

What the judges are looking for:

1. How wide has been the geographical spread of this persons work?

2. In what way has this person had an impact on quality of, and access to, play opportunities, improvement of playwork practice, understanding of the importance of play?

3. Where has this had the biggest impact on a number of individuals from any of these categories - children, play workers, families, other professionals working with children, the general public, MPs and peers?

4. Please state how this person has made a significant impact on the attitudes and behaviour of those involved in play and playwork regarding the inclusion of all children and families – ie disabled children and those from ethnically, culturally and socially diverse backgrounds

5. How has this persons contribution been long-lasting and or made a sustainable impact

Judging Panel

Lesli Godfrey

Ana Ardelean

Tanny Stobart

Magda Gay

Margaret Deevy

Hanna Boyce

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