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Old Faithfuls

Jacky interrogates her alter-ego about playwork - Jacky Kilvington

Jacky has always been interogating herself about stuff because she likes playing around in her head and changing her mind. She will ask herself such questions (some supplied by Julia Sexton) as - If children can play without adults why do we need playworkers?  Should we allow children to always have free choice in their play? Was I any good as a practicing playworker?  How do I know? Are the qualities required of a playworker different to those required by any adult working with children? Does reading about/knowing theories about play and associated things make people better playworkers? Is there a hierarchy of importance in children's lives and where do play and/or playwork sit in it? Is play in school just work in disguise? and more.

TIME: 11:00-12:100 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

Penny talks about her play and playwork story - Penny Wilson

Penny is one of those people who has been inspiring playworkers across the world her whole life. Her wisdom is immense and in this one hour you will hear some of her stories and be encouraged to ask questions.

TIME: 14:45-15:45 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

Poke me and I'll tell you a story! - Jess Milne

In his nearly 80 years of being on the planet, Jess has worked as a playworker in so many different places and with so many different people that all you have to do is prod him with a question and he will disappear off down a rabbit hole of stories. Participants in this session will be offered prompt cards that will help with the prodding, so you can participate even if you don't have a question of your own. Jess will share stories of people and places, and there might even be a little bit of gossip!TIME: 16:00-17:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Easy

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