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Training Provider [sponsored by CACHE] [last year's recipient was The Playwork Team at University of Gloucester]

This is a training provider who motivates, enthuses and inspires learners so that they become “better” playworkers. This is not about the quantity of the training they deliver but the quality of the training that the learners receive. We will make judgments about the training provider because when you nominate them you will tell us what the training provider has done that makes you think they are so good and as part of the nomination you will tell us how the training has linked to the underpinning ethics, philosophies and theories of playwork.

What the judges are looking for:

1. How is the training underpinned by the Playwork Principles and play and playwork theory?

2. How does the training provider support diverse participants’ learning ?

3. In what way was the training innovative, inspiring and stimulating, showing a range of different training methods?

4. How has the training influenced/changed playwork practice?

5. How did the training provider encourage participants to learn from each other?

Judging Panel

Ali Wood

Debbie Willett

Karen Benjamin

Mel Kearsley

Wendy Russell

Di Murray

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