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Arthur Battram

Arthur Battram has recently been working as a coach to the management teams of two lovely play projects - one of them being the AVOW Play Team, creators of ‘The Land’, who are also appearing here.

He specialises in helping people think about their concerns and projects in different creative ways, using insights from complexity theory and human playfulness.

His book ‘Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management’, is a cult classic, apparently. He was described by the famous and impressive Roffey Park Insitute as “a leading thinker, consultant and practitioner. He is also a writer, an editor and designer and a ‘(sometimes too) critical friend’.”

In the field of playwork he has appeared at most of the big playwork conferences and he has also been a visiting lecturer and research associate at big posh Universities.

He is open to offers of speaking engagements, and would like you to ask about his unique, inexpensive telephone coaching service.

Sessions Being Delivered
Love & play & work (with Joel Seath)
DayTuesdayTime12:45 - 14:15Room3
LevelMoving On / Give me more!
TrackTRACK 3: Childhood
Revisiting two neglected classics: Making Sense of Best Play
DayWedTime13:00 – 14:30Room12
LevelMoving On / Give me more!
TrackTRACK 12: Some more thinking about playwork
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