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Outstanding Playwork provision [sponsored by International Play Association: England , Wales and Northern Ireland branch] [last year's recipient was Sycamore Adventure]

We are looking for a setting that does brilliant, awesome playwork. This is about direct provision with children and young people. It is not for a headquarter organization nor for a group of settings. It is for one specific playwork setting. It could be any sort of provision whether based in a building or not. The judgment will not be based on numbers of participants nor on the amount of time that it delivers. But it has to be a regular and not a ‘one-off’ provision.

What the judges are looking for:

1. How does the setting demonstrate its commitment to the playwork principles?

2. What evidence can you give that what it does is playwork?

3. What does it offer that is above and beyond what would normally be expected in a playwork setting: what is it that sets it above the norm - that makes it 'outstanding'?

4. What are the training and qualifications of staff?

5. Does the setting get involved in supporting the development of the field of playwork either on a local, regional or national level? If so how?

6. How does the promotion of the playwork ethos and principles to the wider community take place?

7. In what ways does it support inclusion of ALL children and their families?

8. What is special about he range of resources that cater for children’s play needs?

Judging Panel

Tony Delahoy - Panel Convenor

Keith Cranwell

Keith Rogers

Hannah Goldsmith

Rachel Temple

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