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An invitation to be a facilitator

At the National Playwork Conference we like to offer a large range of opportunities to our participants.

We also like to have a variety of different types of experiences; so inviting you to run a workshop or deliver a presentation or do a paper is a bit moot as we want all three plus more! This is why we call you facilitators and invite you to come and do ‘something’ in a session.

By the time we get to Conference I expect that we will have over 70 different ‘something’s’ on offer over the two days. I am continuing the practice of dividing the day into a number of parallel tracks of sessions linked to a particular theme.

The tracks for the 14th National Playwork Conference in 2016 are here

So, our invitation for sessions is three fold:

If you would like to offer something that fits our tracks then please submit your idea, briefly, to and then we will get back to you or call me [01323 730500] if you really struggle putting your ideas in writing.

If you have a great idea that might not fit any of the tracks please submit it anyway and we can see if there is a way to include it.

If you have never presented before and want to have a go – put yourself forward with an idea of what you want to present about.

New Presenters

It is an often heard call “where are the new thinkers coming from”, “where are the next generation of playwork people?”

At the Playwork Conference we want to nurture new talent, we want to give people a go.

So we are making this offer: “If you want to present but have not done it before; if you are feeling nervous or scared then we will help you.”

Got something to say? Then we will help you say it. You will be linked to an experienced presenter who will help you develop and plan your session. They will talk through the process with you and review your plan and materials – even going so far as you doing a ‘pretend’ session as a practice.

By the time you get to Conference you will be ready and raring to go.

Interested? Then send an email to and tell us you want to do this.

All facilitators will be able to access a discounted fee for Conference. The discount is linked to what they are delivering.
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