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The bookseller is always a big draw at Conference with hundreds of different books both new and second-hand to browse. The settees provide a good spot to take a break from the brain stirring work of all the sessions, colloquia, world play, interactives and looking!There is something new in Bookseller. Actually there are a number of new things:

We have added over 20 new titles.

We have created a ‘Journals’ section where we asked publishers to send us some copies of relevant journals to display together with subscription details so you can access them

We approached some ‘respected’ figures from the play and playwork world and asked them to tell us their ‘most important books’ and explain why. You will be able to see their list, the reasons and view the books [that we could get hold of] in Bookseller.

It is possible, when making your choices about what to do during the day, that you could go right through the day in sessions without a break – that is how the programme has been designed, there is always something happening – but if you do that, you are likely to burn out before the end of the day.

Stopping at Bookseller gives a chance to slow down, grab a tea or coffee, and look through a book or two and perhaps buy some.

If you do want to purchase books you can be invoiced and if you don’t want to carry books home with you Bookseller can post them on after Conference has finished.

Now you don’t have to come along to conference to buy your books! Instead you can go to and order and pay for your books there, let your colleagues and friends know!
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