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Track 9 – Being a better teacher/trainer/tutor

If you deliver any sort of teaching, training, tutoring for playworkers then this track is for you! You could be delivering a 3 hour CPD programme or a yearlong qualification course but equally you could be working with your team in 15 minute slots at the end of a day. The 2 sessions that are being offered will equip you to be better in the processes of helping others learn.

Room 9
The training workshop you always wanted [probably!]Pete Duncan & Ali WoodNever before will you have seen the whole process of designing, delivering and reviewing training done live and wholly interactive. Guaranteed to make you think, laugh and review your own training practice.
Level: Moving on / Length: 2 hour / Time: 9:30 - 11:30
How to implement First ClaimDeveloped as a quality assessment framework, ‘First Claim’ is an important tool for examining and reflecting upon what we do in our settings.

It details the Playwork Curriculum and the range of Play Types that can be observed when children are playing, as well as exploring our style of intervention.

This session will explore how to use the framework in practice and develop an understanding for all settings of the different elements and mitigating factors that impact on the work that we do as playworkers.
Level: Getting Started / Moving on / Length: 1 hour /

Time: 13:30 – 14:30
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