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Track 12 – Some Thinking about Playwork

If you are one of those engaged in delivering playwork qualifications then you will need to have a clear understanding and good practice in assessment and verification. In this track we offer the opportunity to home your practice, ask questions and gain a greater understanding of the processes required

Room 12
Models of disabilityRachel Temple and Jenna AtkinsThe first part of the session will focus on models of disability.

There will be a quick overview of the medical and social models of disability and their current relevance.

We will then look at emerging models including the community and affirmation model and how this relates to play.

The second part of the session will be more interactive and involve group work. We will be focussing on disability and playwork and looking at some practical ideas.

We will also be demonstrating some bad-practice so be on the look-out and hope you don’t pick up on anything unintentional!
Level: Getting Started / Length: 1 hour / Time: 9:30 - 10:30
The art of inclusionThis session will cover:

How to make your organisation more accessible through an inclusive ethos and positive attitude to inclusion. (What I wish I knew when I started!)

How to be a better and more supportive playworker/enabler. (Playing and disabled children)

Why inclusive playwork is an art not a science (Come and find out for yourself)
Level: Getting Started / Length: 1 hr 30 mins / Time: 10:45 - 12:15
Revisiting two neglected classics: Making Sense of Best PlayWould you like to make sense of playwork?

And/or perhaps you need to get across what you are trying to do to all manner of people that don't get it?

Wise elders, many years ago produced what would now be called a toolkit to help: learn about the unfairly neglected "Making Sense" and its better-known pal 'Best Play'.

Produced by the precursors of PlayEngland in various partnerships, Making Sense, as its title suggests, helps people understand how to implement the Best Play framework in their practice. While BP is often taught on courses, Making Sense is largely unknown. FWIW, I think that BP&MS make a much better foundation for quality playwork than do the more ubiquitous Playwork Principles - but why choose only one? TPP were a timely and vital response to a looming danger within the NVQ rollout - they are the War Doctor of playwork (ask me).
Level: Moving on / Give me more! / Length: 1 hr 30 mins /

Time: 13:00 - 14:30
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