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8th Annual Playwork Awards

Tuesday 7th March 2017

You can get a ticket for the evening at the cost of £50.00. Email to book yourself in.

Head over to the dedicated website for all the information about the awards:

The Awards evening is taking place at a new SECRET location. You will be collected from the Mansion Hotel by taxi and whisked to the venue, a ten minute drive away.


The venue doors and bar open at 6:00pm so we will have taxis ready from 5:50pm. We will keep looking after you and taxis until 7:15pm which is when our 'Transportation Captain' will be heading off to the venue.

If you need to join us after that time then call a taxi on 01323 720720 and tell them you are going to the National Playwork Conference Awards evening. They will take you and it goes on my account.


The return flotilla of cars will be happening from 10:00pm


Here is the timetable for the evening:

17:50 First cars leave the Mansion Hotel

18:00 Doors and Bar open at the SECRET venue

18:30 Doors open to the Event hall and you can take your table

19:00 The first course will have been served to your table

19:30 The main course will have been served to your table [everyone will have preselected their main course from a vegan, fish or meat offer

20:00 The awards ceremony begins and the first two awards are presented

20:30 An intermission in which dessert is served to the table and entertainment takes place on the stage

20:45 The next three awards are presented

21:15 An intermission in which you can go to the bar and entertainment takes place on the stage

21:30 The final two awards are presented

22:00 The Ceremony finishes and you can, at your leisure, return to the Mansion Hotel for the After Party till 1:00am

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