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Dear Sir / Madam

National Playwork Conference, 3-4 March 2015, Eastbourne

I have been asked to help convene a special election hustings event at this important national conference for the children’s play sector and am writing to ask your Party to kindly consider putting up an election candidate to take part on Wednesday 4th March at 14:30.

Ideally we would like to hear from your spokesperson on education, children, public health or communities.

Our delegates will especially be interested to hear from your party about its position on the following questions: -

· How does your party view government responsibilities to childhood and children’s play provision in general?

· What, if any, is your party’s vision for childhood and children’s play?

· How will your party respond to the growing crisis in playwork, and its impact on children, caused by the unprecedented scale of cuts to staffed play services since 2010?

· What policy measures will your party take to support and promote children’s play opportunities?

· What role does playwork have within this vision and these policy measures?

Upon receiving your anticipated positive response to our request I will be happy to furnish your candidate with a fuller briefing. I do hope your party will be represented at this important event for the playwork sector and for the children and families it serves.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Voce OBE
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