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Track 10 – Playwork Theory Advanced

Continuing the work started in track 2 the Wednesday sessions take thinking further, challenge you harder and address some more complex issues of engaging with playwork and playwork theory

Room 10
Dancing with the Playwork PrinciplesPlayworkers accept the Playwork Principles as our code of practice; they inform us what we do in our role from advocating for play to supporting it; and we apply them in practice - or do we?

How far do we really go in implementing the Playwork Principles when working with children and are they always at the heart of what we do?

This session will challenge, explore and encourage discussion around the theory and the practice of the Playwork Principles to create a shared understanding and identify common barriers.
Level: Moving on / Length: 1 hr 30 mins / Time: 9:30 - 11:00
The playwork curriculum, application in practicePlaywork Curriculum – what’s that then? And says who?

Michael Gove doesn’t like the first half of the P-word. I don’t like the C-word if it is applied to the first part of the P-word.

At this session we (and that means you too) will be having a think about all this and what we need to know to be playworkers worthy of the name.

Oh, and we will be using cutting edge pebble poetry technology to collaborate on an understanding of what playwork is, ought or shouldn’t be.

Phones with cameras definitely welcome and turned on for a change throughout the session.
Level: Getting Started / Length: 1 hr 30 mins / Time: 11:15 - 12:45
Rethinking the value of playworkThis workshop explores ways of considering playwork's value.

In times of austerity, play services are being cut and playworkers need to articulate their value without compromising the playwork ethos. This highlights a fundamental contradiction for playwork between what Marx called ‘use and exchange value’.

Exchange value lies in playwork’s capacity to address social policy agendas such as play-based learning, the development of social skills, crime reduction, physical activity/obesity reduction or community cohesion. Use value lies in the co-production of spaces that support children’s playfulness.

This debate has often been presented as a battle between the purists and the pragmatists; here I seek to explore the assumptions behind each position, their interrelatedness, and, particularly, the stuff we often overlook when seeking to articulate playwork's value.

Much of this is about appreciating small moments of playfulness, together with the importance of caring and openness and of being comfortable with uncertainty.
Level: Moving on / Give me more! / Length: 1 hr 30 mins /

Time: 13:00 - 14:30
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