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Risk Through the Ages

This track will take place on Tuesday

It's gonna end in tears... - Kurti Birkenbeil

.. is the stance of many if not most adults when it comes to children's playfighting as a form of rough and tumble play.**What is yours as a playworker? Do you see it as the fundamental form of play and are you ready to fight for it within adult let agendas? How do you provide for it?**When was the last time you did it?**Let's look at some theory, reflect ond do it.**You are asked to contribute to the Risk Benefit Assessment of the session and wear whatever you consider as fit for rough and tumble clothing.

TIME: 10:00-11:30 LENGTH: 1.5 hours

Playwork and risk: Beyond elfin safety - Harry Shier

I was an adventure playground worker in the 1970s. We scrounged old timbers from demolition sites to build climbing structures and giant rope swings. Other favourite activities included lighting fires, cooking, den-building (with indiscriminate handing out of hammers and saws), and various arts and crafts involving sharp knives.
Hearing old-timers reminiscing about the good old days is all very well, but I want to use these reminiscences to start a conversation beyond clichés about “elfin safety”.
  • How and why have attitudes to risk and safety changed over the years?
  • The climate of fear, and the compensation culture.
  • Responsibility, responsibilisation and blame. 
  • Socialism and individualism.
  • Real playwork in a risk-averse age.

TIME: 11:45-13:15 LENGTH: 1.5 hours 

Risk taking in teenage play - Siôn Edwards

Mae'n haws dweud "mynydd" nag i fynd drosto / It's easier to say "mountain" than go over it.
As far as possible, playworkers put their faith in young people at play to manage their own risk. We also know that teenagers, generally, take more risks. Where or what are the pivot and tipping points between their freedom to play in their own way and our duty to protect them (and others) from harm? Is there a time when young people need to move on from playwork settings? How do we manage the needs of young people and younger children? You're invited to reflect on your practice, retrospect on your own teenage self (if you can remember) and pick up breadcrumbs of research and thought as we discuss this area together. We may even find some solutions!

TIME: 13:45-15:00 LENGTH: 1 hour 15 minutes 

Doing risk benefit assesments 

Details coming soon!

TIME: 15:30-17:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours 

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