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Jenna Atkins

Jenna’s sign name is J-laughing and that’s because she always is!

Jenna has been working at CEDA for 4 years across all the services but has recently been recruited full time for the children and youth services as the Senior Group Leader. Jenna runs the after-school club and is brilliant at making the children and young people feel confident and comfortable and gently encouraging play together.

She is mostly found with a trail of happy children behind her or larking about in the soft play room. (sorry, working hard)

Jenna completed her degree in education at Exeter University and has previously worked in youthwork and with children displaying challenging behaviours
Models of disability [with Rachel Temple]
DayWedTime9:30 - 10:30Room12
LevelGetting Started
TrackTRACK 12: Some more thinking about playwork
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