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The National Playwork Conference

We've been seaching for a way to be able to continue the National Playwork Conference and provide a "garantee against loss". We have concluded that if we want the National Playwork Conference to have a future then we need to create a fund that will protect against loss and the organiser being put of pocket.

This fund will be organised and managed by an established independant organistation who will only release money if the Conference is going to make a loss.

All you need to do is to pledge the cost of one cup of coffee / pint of beer per week – let’s call that £3.00 and we will set up a direct debit that takes that amount from your account.

£3.00 per week is an amount many people will hardly notice but if just 100 people sign up it will give a fund to the value of £6,000 by the time of Conference!

Every member of the Conference Coffee Pledge will be able to claim a discount on their Conference fee in recognition of their support for Conference.

Click here to read more about the Conference Coffee Pledge, or here to immediately 
pledge your support.

Why do we exist?


The National Playwork Conference is the only major gathering of playwork people from across the UK with additional guests hailing from other parts of the world. We have been described as “the glue that helps to hold us together”!


We come together in the hope of gaining a greater understanding about the work we do; to learn new skills; to understand more theory; to be able to make a difference in our daily practice. But more than all of this we come together to meet old friends, make new friends and to realise that we are not alone, that there are a whole bunch of other people, other playworkers, with whom we have shared ideals and goals.

See the full 2017 programme and journey planner at our programme specific website here

Keep in touch through Twitter: @MeynellGames and #natplayconf
Or Facebook: @Meynell G Ames

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Last Updated 07 September 2017

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National Playwork Conference

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