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Tuesday 5th March


Wednesday 6th March 2019

It has become time for me to make a decision about the future location of the National Playwork Conference

I have consulted people on Facebook and asked the question of participants at this year's Conference as to a future location.

The majority of people have said to keep it in Eastbourne but some people still think that it needs to move to a more accessible part of the UK – especially if it is to be a ‘national’ event.

There are good arguments for moving the Conference from Eastbourne to a more central location making it easier to reach for a greater number of people.

I have been considering such a move.

But first I wanted to establish what is it that makes the National Playwork Conference what it is.

The Conference is recognised as being a significant event not only in the content of the presentations and workshops but also the opportunities for networking and the general feel, ambience and vibe of the event.

What was particularly commented on after the 2018 conference was the friendliness of the feel of the event in a smaller venue [so maybe having more people is not a good idea?]

Let us also not forget that the Conference is very cheap at around £200 per person [after discount] including accommodation and all meals.

I looked for a new venue where these key values could come together and I was unable to find anything in a central location which would give us the same cost offering. I could have looked for a different seaside venue but that would not have solved the problem of it being a long way for people to go to and it would have added the problem of being further from my office and the complications that that would add to the delivery of the event.

I am not going to give up on exploring the possibilities of bringing Conference to a place that is accessible to more people and if you have any contributions that you can make to my search would be most welcome

But for the 17th National Playwork Conference in March 2019 we will be again returning to Eastbourne at the same venue as this year

So make sure you have the dates in the diary and start saving so you can join us for this annual unique special different event!

Why do we exist?


The National Playwork Conference is the only major gathering of playwork people from across the UK with additional guests hailing from other parts of the world. We have been described as “the glue that helps to hold us together”!


We come together in the hope of gaining a greater understanding about the work we do; to learn new skills; to understand more theory; to be able to make a difference in our daily practice. But more than all of this we come together to meet old friends, make new friends and to realise that we are not alone, that there are a whole bunch of other people, other playworkers, with whom we have shared ideals and goals.

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Last Updated 28 November 2018

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