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Hi there

I am sending a generic email to all people booked to come to the National Playwork Conference – just to get you excited and to start getting you ready for your trip to Eastbourne.

1) As of last Thursday we had 232 names on the list and we would like to get it up to 300 so can you help? Do you have any colleagues or friends who have been thinking about it and need a push to get them along? To help I will give them the same price as you paid [except if you took advantage of one of our ‘stupid’ discounts i.e. you paid at the last Conference or you booked with the special offer last June]. Tell them to go online and fill in the booking form and in additional requests to write “I am coming along with XXXX and will pay the same price as them!”

2) The website is being updated a couple of times a week with the latest details on the programme and also photos and biographies of the session facilitators. There are over 70 different sessions taking place across the two days and realistically you should aim to do three on each day. SO HERE IS MY VERY IMPORTANT TIP: look at the programme and decide on the five most important sessions for you on each day and put them in order of importance - then when the actual timetable is published you can make sure there are no clashes and that you can get to at least three of them. If time then allows you may be able to fit some more sessions in to the gaps.

3) There will be stuff to buy! As well as all the best books in our Bookseller, we are raiding our storeroom for useful resources that are great for settings and will be selling them off – at better than shop prices! We don’t like credit or debit cards so dig out you cheque books, good old fashioned cash or get a purchase order number sorted and we can invoice you after the event. [There will be a small fee for the pleasure of us invoicing you!]

4) We will also be offering a limited number of places for next year’s Conference at a very, very low price but you will have to pay when you book – so you will need money for that as well!

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next fortnight as we will be sending you more personal information and teasers for the Conference

If you receive this email more than once: a) You may have booked or paid for places for colleagues – please give us their names and email details so we can be in direct communication with them or b) Our database is wrong and we have included you twice. Please tell us so we can put it right.

If you have any questions and you can’t find the answer on the website please do get in touch and we will do our best to help


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