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Why, I wondered, is there not some sort of award ceremony for playwork; our own mini-Oscar, our own celebration of who we are and what we do. Who could make decisions about the best practice, the most effective trainer, the most successful qualification and what would the criteria be? Should people, play-spaces, courses be nominated? Could a voting system be established? I found myself getting carried away with a hypothetical process before I realised that maybe it could actually work! We already have some single awards: the London adventure playground of the year; London Play's Lifetime in Play in London Award; and various playworker of the year awards around the country; but what about a ceremony with a suite of awards that focuses on the playwork workforce across all the United Kingdoms’ home countries and those involved in its qualifications and training? These awards are all about playwork. Nominated by playworkers, judged by playworkers.

So, a Playwork Annual Awards Ceremony was conceived and where better to first host it than at the National Playwork Conference in March. There will be an audience of over 300 people involved in playwork; some of whom will receive awards for their work, all will be able to vote for their chosen winner and it will give us an opportunity for a self-congratulatory pat on the back. I think we deserve it.

The categories are now closed for nominations.

The Awards Ceremony will be happening at this year’s Conference on March 3 to be held at 2:00pm in Eastbourne. The conference will be addressed by Baroness Delyth Morgan before the Awards will be presented.
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