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Wednesday's Happenings

10. A New Paradigm of Playwork Wednesday

We are constantly trying to arrive at a consensus about what playwork is. A consensus that is hard to achieve. Is playwork about the spaces, resources and engagement with children and young people or is playwork about a methodology an attitude and an approach? This is what underlines the discussions that will be taking place in this track.

With invited guests who have something interesting to say and a chaired conversation to explore the area.

11. Playwork Theory Wednesday

Every year at Conference it is important to have the opportunity to think more about the theory that underpins playwork practice. This track pitches sessions at different levels so that current theory is covered from the introductory through to the highly critical

12. Research and New Thinking Wednesday

With about a dozen in progress or recently completed PhD’s there is a lot of research going that we could learn from

13. Reflections on Practice Wednesday

One of the most important parts of our work with children and young people is about how we think about what we have done and what we do and how we improve our work. Competent or indeed outstanding reflective practice is the key to an improvement in the play lives of children and young people. Nevertheless many practitioners struggle with the process. This track will help to solve that struggle.

14. Digital and Technology Wednesday

Chris Martin is curating this track which will go far beyond the rhetoric of how technology is ruining children's play and children's lives.

15. Where Playwork Happens Wednesday

This track takes a stroll through the various places/environments/contexts in which Playwork is happening. An opportunity to find out about a strain of Playwork that you might not be familiar with

16. Design and Risk Wednesday

This is a Play England mini conference in which partners from the European funded design and risk project will present ideas, discuss their work and seek suggestions

17. Woodland Tribe / The Natural Outside World Wednesday

Containing both practical and theoretical sessions, there will be both playing, and talking in the Garden

18. Sessions in the Art Room Wednesday
Although playwork is primarily not about running activities there are times when the children and young people ask the adults to offer them something specific. This track will increase your repertoire of what you can offer and maybe introduce you to some concepts you might not have come across before.

See the full programme at our programme specific website here

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