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Playwork Foundation

The aim of the Playwork Foundation is to promote playwork to policy makers, parents, the media, and the world at large, so that over time, more children benefit from the playwork approach. Our aim is also to support the playwork community, working with partners and allies to strengthen our network.
This track is part of the Foundation's current thinking.


If Playwork was for sale – A Manifesto: Anne-Marie Mackin and Simon Bazley

If you were to put Playwork for sale on e bay how would you "sell" it? As a General Election looms join Anne-Marie and Simon from The Playwork Foundation to create a manifesto to share with those who seek to represent us to help them see the importance of Playwork in the lives of children across the 4 Nations.

TIME: 9:30 - 10:30 LENGTH: 1 hour

Still here - Adventure Playgrounds Unite!
Sion Edwards

How many adventure playgrounds are there in Great Britain and Northern Ireland? How have they survived? And what has been the cost? An Adventure Playground Network, inaugurated by The Playwork Foundation last year, has started to answer these questions. And, thanks to the selfless volunteer efforts of adventure playground playworkers, we're also beginning to uncover other contemporary issues, including: insurance, litigation, policy, and research. Join this session to find out what is affecting adventure playgrounds today, how adventure playgrounds are not just surviving but thriving, and what lessons from adventure playgrounds can be beneficial to playwork provision wherever you're playworking.

TIME: 10:45 - 11:45 LENGTH: 1 hour

The Playwork Approach - Ali Wood

What is the 'Playwork Approach'?  These words are used more and more.  What does it mean in both theory and practice?  And can anyone learn it and use it anywhere?  Come and join in and find out......

TIME: 12:00 - 13:00 LENGTH: 1 hour

Co-creating an ivory bungalow for playwork - Simon Bazley

Some have said that playwork has suffered at the hands of people in ivory towers. If ivory towers are indicative of an elitist disconnection from practical concerns, how would we as a sector go about reconnecting them so that everyone is included and has a voice?  Would the antithesis of an ivory tower be a metaphorical ivory bungalow?  If so, how would we go about constructing such a thing? What parts already exist?  What parts are missing?  What would the foundations be made of?  Who and why should they build it? Should they bother building it at all?  Join us to explore some possibilities about how we could potentially collaborate to co-create more opportunities for working together to promote good practice and better support each other.

TIME: 13:15 - 14:15 LENGTH: 1 hour

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