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Kerry O’Connor

Kerry O'Connor works for Islington Play Association as the Playground Coordinator at Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground. She has been working as a playworker for over 20 years and welcomes tricksters, heroes, magicians, farmers, gamblers, builders and other children onto the site daily; she is not afraid of a bit of muddy football. Kerry cut her playwork teeth at Crumbles Castle and as the old song says 'if you can make it there you'll make it any where'. Kerry feels strongly about advocating for children's opportunity to play the way they want to, and uses risk/benefit assessment as a tool for this advocacy.

Sessions Being Delivered
Using risk benefit analysis as a tool for playwork advocacy (with Lucy Benson)
DayTuesdayTime15:30 - 17:00Room8
LevelGetting started
TrackTRACK 8: Ideas for your setting
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