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TABLE 6Being a better trainerPete DuncanA training surgery - stopping and thinking about issues in training and an exchange of ideas and strategies.
If you only go to one thing – make this it. Pete’s energy, excitement and ideas will leave you enthralled!
TABLE 7Integral Play Framework – explaining the links to theory and practicePerry ElseThe Integral Play Framework shows that the internal world of feelings for the child is as relevant as the world of objects shared with others. As children are playing they are using their bodies to move through and experience the world, either solitary or with others. Those sensations are processed internally and inform the child’s self awareness, feelings and beliefs, which may be shared with others.

Perry has been using this model of the last decade and used it as the backbone of his first book The Value of Play. Some people have started asking questions about the IPF: How does it explain theory? How does it explain practice?

How can it be used in practice?
For planning work with children?
For planning how the setting works?
For evaluation and reflection?
For resource allocation?
To work with partners?

The Round Table session will explain the Integral Play Framework and begin to answer these (and any other) questions, and show how the framework may be used to assess other models and approaches.
TABLE 8The ‘rights’ stuffThe Rights Stuff is an exploration of the children’s rights debate from a playwork perspective informed by reflections on practice, concepts of libertarianism and social-constructionism and play and playwork theory.
TABLE 9aEndorsement of Higher Education ProgrammesLesli GodfreyA round table discussion on proposals to streamline the endorsement process for higher education. Lesli will provide a brief outline of the proposed new system, and will ask delegates to contribute their thoughts on the draft criteria and process.
TABLE 9Talking with ShelleyShelly NewsteadShelly has a wealth and depth of experience and knowledge so this is an opportunity to hear what she has to say and to pick her brain!
TABLE 8bTaking over the management of an established play settingAngela DayCan a new senior playworker regenerate an adventure playground?

Following a transitional period a new senior playworker explores the challenges and successes faced while managing an established play space. Taking control of a playground and giving ownership back to the children while providing new direction to old ideas we examine the stages of this development.
TABLE 10Play England and where next for the sectorAn open discussion with Play England Director Adrian Voce on the current situation and next steps for Play England and the play sector generally in a new age of austerity.
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