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The Speakers 2022

We are excited to confirm the names for the 2022 lineup are:

Michael Follett

- Playwork Essentials - What is playwork

Helen Simpson

Play Therapy from a Playwork Perspective

Donna Eastman

Enlivening the Playwork Principles


- Why We Shouldn't Talk to Children

Jacky Kilvington

- Jacky interrogates her alter-ego about Playwork

Penny Wilson

- Penny talks about her play and playwork story

Jess Milne

- Poke me and I will tell you a story

Vicky Edwards

- Choosing the right language - how far do we go?

Audrey Bobb

- One Afterschool Club and the Pandemic - Our way forward

Imogen Clark

- Making Space for Girls

Martin King-Sheard; Anne-Marie Mackin

Are the principles JUST for face to face playwork?

Jonh Fitzpatrick; Bridget Handscomb

Everyday Playwork: The Quality of Hesitation

Tilia Guilbaud-Walter

- How can the formal elements of art become a Playwork Theory

Panda Gavin

- Community Playwork in the Royal Parks?

Penny Wilson

- Seen and Heard

Nickey Everrett

- The forgotten age... Teenagers in hospital

Rob Wheway

Freedom to Play beats Right to Play

Iain Cameron

- Children's Right in Law and Practice

Bex Willans

- Supberb Marbles


- Story Reading

Vicky Edwards

- Sea scapes and loose parts on the beach

Simon Rix

- Splicing [and politics]

Dave Poulton

- Spin Painting

Jess Milne; Jake Hally-Milne

Adventures in Tools, Play and children

Lesli Godfrey

- The State of (Adventure) Play

Simon Rix; Sarah Wilson; Rob Wheway

Inspecting your adventure playground

Ali Wood; Clair Meares

Therapeutic play on an adventure playground

Cath Prisk; Michael Follett; Mike Barclay; Ana Ardelean

Does Playwork in Schools Change Playwork?

Libby Truscott

Contextual Interventions

Sarah Turton

Exploring Technology and Play

Sarah Goldsmith

- Staging - A gender framework

Kurti Birkenbeil

- Affective Neuroscience: Beyond laughing rats

Kerry Raymond; Donna Partridge

Collaboration of Playwork Management Experiences

Abi Leitch; Pete Woods-Wetton

GRT Cultural Awareness - Bristol Fashion

Vic Doggart; Lauren Bennet

- Thought provoking tales from across the galaxy

Marc Sanders; Luke Virg

- Slack Lines

Dave Poulton

- Simple Juggling

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