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Playwork Theory and Practice

There are more questions than answers - Bridget Handscomb and John Fitzpatrick

Gwealan Tops Adventure Playground was set up three years ago by a couple of experienced playworkers leading a team of people from a range of different backgrounds such as early years, art, sports, teaching and horticulture mostly who were new to playwork. In this fun and interactive session we will look at the reality of everyday playwork practice, the questions and dilemmas that arise and explore a range of responses. We will use a variety of methods to help deepen our understandings of play, playwork, childhoods and ourselves. What we found as a team is that there is no blueprint for playwork and there are more questions than answers!

TIME: 9:30 - 11:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Easy

PARS Playwork in Practice Rebekah Jackson

PARS is the first ever model of playwork practice, grounded in the original philosophy of the adventure playground pioneers. The PARS model aims to enable practitioners working with children in their leisure time in any setting to articulate, develop and evaluate their playwork practice. The workshop will introduce PARS playwork and explore how it's being used and is making positive impact in settings in the UK. Through exploring how real settings have implemented the model and unpicking their journey we hope to inspire you to see how PARS might work for you in your setting.

TIME: 11:15 - 12:15 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Easy

Are you lying? - Jess Milne

It’s easy to say that you are doing Playwork, but are you? Does it matter that you're lying? Or are you doing a great job, but it's just not Playwork? (as defined by principles). This session will be delivered with a little encouragement from a few slides and chat but it’s really about debating and talking about intervention and your work.

TIME: 13:00 - 14:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

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