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Adaptive behaviours: Why is it difficult to do playwork on an adventure playground - Meynell and Tilia

Working on an adventure playground has always been billed as the epitome of playwork practice. The place where the perfect playworker works. But all is not as it seems. Playworkers on adventure playgrounds have to be really reflecting on their practice as the pressures of the world make it challenging to undertake the fullest of playwork practice until other needs and rights are met.**In this reflective conversation between two playworkers, one young and one old, they will talk about what playwork is, the role of the playworker and about their experience on an adventure playground in one of the most deprived wards in England.**Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to reflect on what is being said.

TIME: 9:30-10:30 LENGTH: 1 hours 

The Power of Play and Playful Interactions - Dr. Linda Shaw

Playwork is an evolving academic field which is of increasing interest to multi-disciplinary research and practice from early years educators, urban geographers, health professionals, youth workers and community activists (King and Newstead, 2021). The workshop explores discourses and tensions in play. The notion of play spaces as 'heterotopia' (Foucault, 1994) will be explored in relation to participants own work places and lived experiences, in order to engage with the possibilities of spaces shared by children, playworkers and other adults as 'Everyday Utopias' (Cooper 2014). I invite playworkers to join in an epistemological playground which invites exercising the sociological imagination and everyday playfulness (Lester, 2020).
TIME: 10:45-12:15 LENGTH: 1.5 hours 

Jacky interogates her alter-ego - Jacky Kilvington

Jacky will ask herself questions about playwork and, scarily, her alter-ego will give honest and open answers to the questions and at times the two will argue.

TIME: 12:30-13:30 LENGTH: 1 hour 

Refleting on relationships - Mike Fontilio & Libby Truscott

This session offers a space for professionals to share stories, and reflect on how they build relationships not only with the children they work with, but with the wider community. Drawing on experiences from Shoreditch Adventure Playground, based in central London, we will explore how the relationships we build reach out past the gates of the play space, and support the wider community, especially in an area with poor perceptions of youth, and high youth crime.

TIME: 13:30-14:15 LENGTH: 45 minutes

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