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Full Conference Package £225.00

Price includes:

·Tuesday and Wednesday Conference admission with a delicious hot lunch and nonstop tea and coffee.

·Conference journey planner [this is a spiral bound book with all the details of what is happening at Conference].

·Tuesday night shared accommodation and breakfast [there are a limited number of single rooms available at an additional £10.00 charge].

·Playwork Awards Ceremony and dinner on Tuesday evening.

Day Rate £100.00

Price includes:

·One day’s Conference admission with a delicious hot lunch and nonstop tea and coffee.

·Conference journey planner.

Extra Costs

·A single hotel room can be booked for an additional £10.00

·Hotels rooms can be booked for the Monday or Wednesday nights, bed and breakfast for an additional £40.00 [shared accommodation].

·Admission to the Annual Playwork Awards with dinner and entertainment can be purchased by Day Delegates or visitors for a cost of £25.00

Additional Costs

·All our communication with you will be by email and text. There will be a £25.00 charge applied if you require arrangements to be made by any other method. This fee will be applied every time we have to send you something.

·There will be a £25.00 charge applied if we have to resend your invoice because you supplied the incorrect information at the time of booking or reduce the value of your booking.

·If payment has not been made by the time of Conference there will be a late payment charge of £75.00.

·Invoices must be paid by the ‘invoice due date’, or an additional fee of £50.00 will become payable.

·There will be a £15.00 admin charge for any alterations to your booking that require a revised [not additional] invoice to be sent.

·Booking confirmation and invoice will be sent to the nominated person. If we have to send invoices to any other person than the nominated person there will be a £15.00 charge.

·There will be an additional charge of £25.00 if we have to resend information already supplied on your invoice to you or another person within your organisation.


All facilitators will be able to request a discount on the Conference fee. The amount will depend on a) whether they are facilitating one of the 'required' sessions and b) how many hours they are facilitating for. A guide to the discounts are: if delivering one session - no discount; for 2 sessions - 10% discount; 3 sessions - 15% discount and for four sessions - 20% which is the maximum. If there is more than one facilitator the discount will be split between them. The discount is taken from the Full Conference Package of £225.00 excluding any extras.

There are discounts available for groups of students. Please talk to me about this. The students will be required to make a contribution to the running of Conference and to iP-D!P magazine.

Cancellations:There will be no refunds or credits for non-attendance. Cancellations made before Monday 1st February 2016 will receive a full refund less a £25.00 admin charge. Cancellations made between 2nd February 2016 and 14th February 2016 will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations after this date will receive no refund.
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