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Who is Behind the Conference?

The Conference has been organised and put on by Meynell Games. Our legal entities are National Playwork Conference Ltd 11010201 and Play and Playwork Training Limited 11192613.


If you have not come across us before, we are a small non profit distributing organisation working towards making a difference in the play lives of children and young people.

As well as delivering the National Playwork Conference we also publish and distribute the almost weekly FREE iP-D!P magazine and deliver training from short CPD to the full L2/L3/L4/L5 qualifications in playwork. You will also see, at the Conference, that we sell books!

We are an organisation that still gets our hands messy with frontline playwork services so all the playwork training that we run is also underpinned by our current practice.

Please do talk to Meynell Games if you a looking to put on your own mini Conference, organise some training or want to buy some books or other resources.

Weare all struggling so let’s try to keep all the finances in the sector and not give them to some faceless corporate!

Thank you for being part of this event - and see you again soon,

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