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Tuesday Programme: 10:00 – 17:00

Track 1 – Understanding play

A playworker needs to be constantly thinking about children’s play as their job is about supporting that play. Drawing on the life experiences from a cross section of those in the playwork world, these 4 sessions give an insight into different ways of thinking about play and provides you with the opportunity to further reflect on why play is important.

Track 2 – Playwork theory; play types, psycholudics; playwork curriculum; compound flexibility

It could be considered that there are 4/5 theoretical thinking and approaches that all playworkers should understand. A theory that just stands on its own does not always help improve your playwork practice. In this track we look at the playwork theories, learn about them and see how to use them in day to day work.

Track 3 – Childhood

If a playworker is a ‘guardian of children’s childhoods’ then as a profession we need to be thinking more about what childhood is, how the world around impacts, both positively and negatively, on childhood. This track pick up on specific issues and knowledge that could be useful to all of us.

Track 4 – Reflective practice

Reflective practice is a process by which you stop and think about what you do, consciously analyse what you have done and draw on theory in order to relate it to your day to day work. This forms a key part of the playworkers role. In this track are sessions that introduce the concept of reflective practice and demonstrate some good examples that are currently being undertaken and which can be used as models for your own practice.

Track 5 – Learning from parallel sectors

Playwork is not the only fish in the childhood sea! Whilst we believe that the special ‘way of being’ that is the playworker is very important there are other contexts of working with children that have attributes the playwork field could learn from. These sessions are presented by people who come from both playwork and the other place.

Track 6 – Different playwork contexts

If your playwork experience has been limited to one or two different types of playwork settings you’ll probably benefit from an understanding and learning more about how playwork happens in other settings.

Track 7 – Thinking about playwork

The way we think about and practice our playwork is constantly changing and evolving. It is an ongoing conversation trying to identify exactly what playwork is. The sessions in this track will probably raise more questions than they answer, but what they will do is provide a space to expand our thinking.

Sometimes at a conference it is nice to do something practical so we have gathered together a number of stimulating and useful subjects which will provide for both your personal enjoyment and something you could take back to your setting and offer to the children.

Play in other Countries - iP-D!P Study Tours

The European funded iP-D!P Study Tours enabled 49 UK "Playwork people" to travel to other European cities in order to gain a greater understanding of children, childhoods and plat. The visits and observation of the participants on the tours provoked a great deal of discussion and reflection. The short sessions in this track have each been inspired by the conversations that took place on the tours.

So, there are all these different sessions and you have read the title and checked out who the facilitator is but do you know if the session is for you? On the one hand you don’t want to go to something and hear only stuff that you already know and on the other hand you don’t want to go to a session that is far deeper in thinking than where you head is! Each session facilitator has indicated the level that they think their session will be at:

Getting started: You are new to the subject, you haven’t covered it before; you don’t really know what it’s about. Ideal for face to face workers and learners on playwork qualifications

Moving on: You have been working in playwork for a while. You probably know it but might not be completely comfortable with the language or have all the complexities of the subject sorted in your head. A session that takes the subject to a greater depth. Ideal for experienced playwork practitioners and tutors/trainers

Give me more!: For those of you who have been around the playwork block a few times! Time to extend your thinking, take your current knowledge and understanding to another level or introduce concepts that you haven’t already encountered. Aimed at playwork graduates, highly experienced playworkers and well read trainers and tutors.
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