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'See it closely'- chat about autistic play culture Becky Willans

Grab a cup of tea and come and have a chat with me about autistic play culture. We'll dispel some misconceptions about autism and play. Then we can 'look really closely' and play around with some objects my autistic friends enjoy playing with.

TIME: 9:30 - 10:30 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

Jam Tomorrow - Simon Rix

What is Playwork's relationship to time? The phrase 'jam tomorrow' comes from rationing days when it was always promised that things would be better tomorrow, that although we had dry bread today, there would be jam tomorrow...
How does Playwork practice consider and facilitate the experience of time in its many guises? How is playwork's consideration and facilitation of agency and provision of affordance challenged by the recognition or failure to recognise that agency's place in time? Are we even in a position, in our poverty, to even make the promise of jam tomorrow?

TIME: 10:45 - 11:45 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Explorer

Developing the Playwork Awards Awards Panel Convenors

The playwork awards have been in existence for 11 years and it is time to take stock of the impact they have had and how they and their processes can be improved. This conversation will explore the effectiveness of the current awards and whether they should be replaced with alternatives, and if so, what? We also want to look at the nomination and judging process to see if there are different ways this can be achieved. This is your chance to help shape how we praise ourselves.

TIME: 12:00 - 13:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play Easy

Play and the Unknown - Joan Beattie

Every day is an adventure into the unknown - but how do we approach this as a Playworker? Have you had to start, or take part in a Playwork session with no idea who is going to turn up - staff or children or parents? This session is a time to chat and to share ideas and experiences, with a broad link to the Playwork Principles. Can the Playworker learn how to Play or is it innate? Is there a process that helps Playworkers follow their own instincts? Do Playworkers have to focus on informing Play Policy? Is there always an adult-led agenda the Playworker has advocate for? How do Playworkers create spaces?Should Playworkers always respond? Do Playworkers always impact on a Play space? How do Playworkers extend their own Play?

TIME: 13:15 - 14:15 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Play

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