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Revisiting Intervention

Whist playwork may have its accepted set of ‘Appropriate Intervention Styles’ there is much more that needs to be considered in our everyday interactions with children and the how and when of our intervention in their play. This extends to the very existence of staffed settings and non traditional places that the playwork approach is used


13) How Playwork influenced 2 primary schools

Ben Tawil

"Well, we learn more playing out now, because we couldn't learn anything when we had just sticks and stones, that we weren't allowed to play with!" (Year six child, School A, 2016)

Play interventions are often used in primary schools for various reasons to varying effect. Some of those achieving significant success take a playwork approach to working with children and their play. This seminar will take an in-depth look at research carried out in two primary schools where a playwork intervention was implemented. We will consider the literature, and gaps in it, the methodology, and of course discuss the findings, their implications for playwork and primary school children and the broader primary school community.

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Aimed at: For Anyone

Relevant to Playwork Principle 1

Arguably it was an apreciation of play and children's disposition toward it that influenced the customs and practices of the two schools and as such is the most influencing factor in the interventions outcomes.

14) Ethics and Morals in Playworker intervention

Jess Milne

Time: 11:15 - 12:15 Length: 1 hour Aimed at: Just in

Relevant to Playwork Principle

15.1) Play Types into Practice

Vicky Edwards

This session will look to explore the basic understanding of play types, whilst also bringing in some Theory. A theory produced by Bob Hughes gives room to question whether they are over thought within practice, and if they have in fact just become a tick chart for 'playworkers', those with a lack of understanding for the playworkers role.

Throughout this session I hope to encourage discussion with various professionals coming together to discuss their own perspective on the 'usefulness' of play types within practice.

Time: 13:45 - 14:45 Length: 1 Hour Aimed at: Getting there

Relevant to Playwork Principle 5

Principle 5 talks about the role of the playworker in supporting the children in creating a space in which they can play. Play types are a resource to encourage playworkers to think of how they create an affective space, the judgement of where they place a ball at a start of a session, or will everything stay in the container for the children to help themselves? The play types are a tool, to assist playworkers in supporting and facilitating play.

16) The Kaleidoscope effect

Julia Sexton & Ali Wood

We are writing a new book entitled 'The Kaleidoscope Effect - applying the playwork lens in everyday adult and child interactions' We want to tell stories about a range of interactions between children and adults and that occur in different situations and then apply a playwork lens to these to see the similarities and differences that the playwork approach might bring to the interaction and the outcomes.

We'd like to explore this with other playworkers and hear your stories about how this can happen - and your stories might end up in the book! Please come along and share with us.

Time: 15:00 - 15:45 Length: 45 Minutes Aimed at: For Anyone

Relevant to Playwork Principle 4

Adult agendas dominate most adult-child interactions - we're looking at ways to help adults see that and then change their ways!

17) ‘We want an Adventure Playground': The Journey

Kerry Raymond & John Fitzpatrick, Bridget Handscomb

Gwealan Tops is the first and only adventure playground in Cornwall. The trustees received a 3 year grant in 2016 to develop an adventure playground in Redruth on land previously used as a school. The playwork team will describe their early steps towards realising this dream and share stories and pictures of the journey so far. There will be opportunity to explore some key concepts and dilemmas arising through this experience. It will be a participatory workshop involving small and large group discussions.

Time: 16:00 - 17:00 Length: 1 Hour Aimed at: For Anyone

Relevant to Playwork Principle 5

These can't & shouldn't be separated. We cover them all!


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