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37) Inspecting your own outdoor equipment daily/mnthly

Rob Wheway

When working with adventure playgrounds and play centres I often find that their regular inspections are poor.  This is a serious matter for if an accident occurs (causing death or permanent disablement) then the playworkers and their senior worker/manager could have criminal charges made against them.  It is vital that we retain the adventure in our playgrounds.  Having inspection procedures that are robust ensures that the children continue to have adventure and excitement whilst at the time the playworkers are not vulnerable both in criminal and civil litigation.  Rob Wheway has a reputation for giving common-sense, down-to-earth advice.

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Aimed at: For Anyone

Relevant to Playwork Principle 3

Poor health and safety procedures prevent playworkers from facilitating adventurous play

38) Getting started with Quality in Play

Nicola Butler & Mick Conway

How can we work together to evidence quality in play?  Quality in Play is the national quality assurance and kite mark for play provision.  It can help play providers to evidence quality to funders and commissioners and provide a self-assessment tool for Playworker and their managers to strengthen quality. 

This workshop is about practicalities and is aimed at anyone interested in strengthening quality of their play provision.  It will look at how to get started with Quality in Play.  What type of evidence works.  How to organise digital evidence for assessment.  How to capture and incorporate evidence from children and young people.

Time: 13:00 - 14:30 Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes Aimed at: Getting there

Relevant to Playwork Principle 1

Quality in Play is about evidencing how your organisation delivers and supports all of the Playwork Principles.


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