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Conference Coffee Pledge
Terms and Conditions

What is the Conference Coffee Pledge?
In order for the National Playwork Conference to continue we have searched for a way that can provide a "guarantee against loss". This is important as the organiser of the conference, Meynell, is not in a position to subsidise this major national event. We are asking individuals who are keen for Conference to be able to go ahead, to make a pledge equivalent to one large coffee or other beverage a week (value £3) to the Conference Coffee Pledge. This fund will be organised and managed by Fair Play for Children, a long established independent organisation. 

How will it work?

What we envisage is that individuals will set up a weekly direct debit for £3. If just 100 people were to do this, we would have a fund of £6,000 by the time of Conference. The moneys from the fund will only be released after a careful scrutiny of the Conference accounts by Fair Play. All those contributing to the Conference Coffee Pledge fund will be able to request a discount on the full Conference fee of £300 on the booking form. 

The Discounting System
Contributors to the Conference Coffee Pledge will be able to request a discount on the full Conference fee of £300. The discounts are as follows
Join the Conference Coffee Pledge
By the end of September 2017 - 35% discount (£105 discount) 

By the end of October 2017 - 30% discount (£90 discount)

By the end of November 2017 - 25% discount (£75 discount)

By the end of December 2017 - 20% discount (£60 discount)

By the end of January 2018 - 15% discount (£45 discount) 

Organisations and the Conference Coffee Pledge
Organisations may also take part in the Conference Coffee Pledge, either using the same mechanisms as an individual or through an annual one off payment of £120 which will enable the organisation to send up to two people, who will each benefit from a 35% (£105) discount, to Conference. We can invoice organisations for the £120.

Organisations can make multiple pledges in order to access additional discounted places. 

The Details
The Money

  • The Conference Coffee Pledge fund will not be used to support the addition of costly and unnecessary extras to the Conference.
  • If there is money left in the fund after Conference it will continue to be held as a "guarantee against loss" for future National Playwork Conference.
  • In the event of the 16th (2018) Conference not going ahead all money pledged will be returned.
  • If future Conferences after 2018 do not take place and there is money left in the fund it will be returned on a pro rata basis to those who have contributed.


  • The direct debit will continue to be taken until either you cancel it with your bank or you email us to cancel it.
  • You may withdraw from the Conference Coffee Pledge at any time of your choosing (see above re: cancelation)
  • You need to be actively contributing to the Conference Coffee Pledge fund up to the time of Conference in order to benefit from a Conference fee discount. 

Conference Supporters

  • An individual can sign up for themselves, or on behalf of their organisation. Every individual who signs up to the conference coffee pledge will have their name listed as a Conference Supporter (except if you ask us not to display your name).
  • Organisations will have their name listed and logo displayed, if they send the logo to us, on the Conference Supporter’s page.
  • Individuals may also send their organisational logo.

The Discount

  • Only the individual making the conference coffee pledge can benefit from the discount, it is not transferable.


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