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Where to go to eat?
If you have arrived on a Monday – this may be useful. For Tuesday arrivers - I do hope that you are coming to the Annual Playwork Awards dinner and presentation.

Eastbourne is not exactly a haven of gourmet food but there are a few places that I would be prepared to eat at so I will tell you about them and they have both agreed to give you a 10% discount if you tell them you are with the National Playwork Conference. Collect your 'Playwork Conference discount badge' from Conference reception in the Cumberland Hotel. Perhaps you can find a way to make a little ‘playwork’ something and put it on the table so if you are on your own you could join other delegates on a table and not have to eat alone! You may even get other delegates saying hello to you.

My real favourite is ‘Pomodoro e Mozzarella’ in Cornfield Terrace, near the Memorial Roundabout. It’s not even a 10 minute walk from the hotel! It’s an Italian with all the traditional pizza, pasta etc. The starters are good – especially to share! What is really good though is that they offer gluten free pizza and pasta, have added gluten free profiteroles! and are totally geared up to catering to people with food allergies. You will get the discount here!

If you want Chinese, I use ‘Mr Hau’ on Terminus Road. He has two restaurants - a proper restaurant and a fast restaurant called ‘Oriental Express’. The food is reasonably priced and the range is what you would normally expect to find with a few Thai dishes thrown in for good measure. You will get the discount here!


My choice of Indian is The Premier Balti House on Susans Road [you will get the discount here].

Terminus Road has a whole load of other restaurant choices in it but I can’t give you an opinion!

Another option is to eat at the Belgium Café where they have an enormous range of Mussels and other food. This is our nominated place for ‘meeting others’ on Monday evening. You will also get a 10% discount here on your food and they have cheap drinks till 7:00pm

Fish and chips – being as it is Eastbourne, there are numerous fish and chip shops. In the past I have eaten at ‘Qualisea’ which is at the non seafront end of Terminus Road.

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