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We invite you to come to Conference, be part of it, and to help the learning experiences of others who work in playwork. In your submission we would like to know the name of the session, the names of all the facilitators, the aim and objective of the session, who it is aimed at, the methodology being used to deliver and how long the session will last.

We are looking for sessions that fit into the following themes (tracks)

  • On the Sofa with Delsy
  • Play in Different Contexts
  • Managing Playwork Provision
  • Childhoods
  • Conversations around the table
  • Practical
  • Playwork Theory
  • Celebrating Gordon Sturrock
  • Inclusion
  • Play

Please send your session submissions to and we will get back to you as soon as we can! If you want to explore ideas please email or call 01323 730500


We are particularly interested in session proposals from new or inexperienced facilitators and we have a system in place to provide support and assistance to you on your journey into delivery.

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