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How are we handling COVID?

We will be following the latest government guidance throughout Conference.


If we have to cancel the event as a result of COVID, all tickets will be fully refunded.


What if you get COVID?


Full refund on evidence of positive PCR test taken in line with current [at the time] guidlines

A Note from Meynell:

I am writing this at the beginning of February 2022. The restrictions in England around Covid and the Omicron variant have mostly been lifted and I am optimistic that by the time we get to Conference in four weeks there will be no Government imposed restriction.

However, I really want all of us to feel comfortable and at ease at Conference especially about how close we get to each other. So we are borrowing this idea from this year’s British Juggling Convention:

When you arrive at Conference and collect your personalised Journey Planner [our Conference programme] and name badges, we will also give you three stickers for you to indicate your comfort levels with proximity

Red – please give me as much distance as you can

Amber – I’m ok mixing but won’t be shaking hands or hugging you

Green – I’m pretty comfy – get as close as you like

I am so looking forward to seeing everybody



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