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Thinking About Play By Doing

Play With Your Senses - Natasha Blok

Former sensory scientist and budding Play Pirate, toucantoo founder Natasha Blok, invites you to join her on a sensory adventure playing with your taste, sight, touch, sound, smell …and senses you might not have even known you had! Explore the world from different perspectives and experience how through a range of games we can shed new light on how all ages interact with the world. Using both led and self-led games and activities, get creative and have fun experimenting. Dive into the unknown, build connections and trust between each another. The session is designed to encourage curiosity, to push our boundaries and test the limits of what we thought we knew. This is the session for if you want to get stuck in!

TIME: 9:45 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: Cruising

The Ropey Workshop - Adam Smart and Amy Brooks

Offering a wide range of play types and risk based play, targeted at the older children but enjoyed by all ages. We will go through some practical outdoor ideas that you can do just by using a rope and natural resources around you. From team games and physical games to creating a rope bridge and a temporary rope swing, including showing you knowledge on how to tie a few knots to help you on your way to create a whole new experience for the children in your setting. This can be a resource that is available to the children and with some easy steps allow them to create their own rope-based activities. This also offers new avenues of risk taking in play within the setting and a neophilic experience in the outdoor area.

TIME: 11:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: Cruising

Play: The mess washes off, the experience persists! - Katy Turner-Wright, Siobhan O'Reilly, Latania Lamontagne, Kelly Moss

The Great Ormond Street playworkers will present to you the impact of sensory and messy play in a hospital environment. You will hear all about the vital playwork we deliver to sick children and have the opportunity to participate in practical activities yourself! During the session there will be opportunities for you to ask any questions about the work we do in the world leading hospital of paediatric treatment and research.

TIME: 12:15 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

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