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Playwork Theory

Understanding the Play Cycle - Pete King

This session will look at the Play Cycle 20 Years on.  It will consider playwokers understanding of the Play Cycle from current research by Pete King and Shelly Newstead.  The session will also consider a new method of recording Play Cycles.

TIME: 9:30 LENGTH: 2 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Creative Methods in Playwork Reflection - John Fitzpatrick and Bridget Handscomb

The team at Gwealan Tops Adventure Playground have kept records of various creative methods we have used to capture what we notice. We attend to moments of playfulness, space, objects, atmosphere, concepts, feelings, senses, elements, weather, movement, habits, routines, human and non-human. This is part of individual and teamwork regular practice and helps us to deepen our understandings of play, playwork, our playground, childhood and each other. We will share some examples of processes and explore and debate what arises from them. This is a participative workshop where we can work together to examine, respond to, unpick, analyse and consider implications for practice.

TIME: 11:45 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Refreshing Reflective Practice - Sarah Wilson

When we are stuck into running awesome projects, it's not always easy to find time to reflect on our practice. Come along to this session for a refresher about the importance of reflective practice, to look at some of the tools we might use as practitioners without really noticing and to share ideas of creative ways to make the most of opportunities to reflect.

TIME: 13:30 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Playful Futures - Playful Playtime - Simon Bazley

This session will explore some of the thinking behind how Simon supports schools to become more playful via a Playwork approach and also how he supports them to sustain that approach long into the future after he has gone. It aims to provide information about the Playful Futures - Playful Playtimes project and cover where the idea came from originally, what it actually does in schools, an overview of the initial pilot as well as subsequent results across the 25 schools it has been delivered in to date (mostly primary, but also one secondary). We will talk about the integral play framework and use the ‘simply play online’ tool (as developed by Perry Else and Beth Cooper). It should inspire individuals or organisations who may be considering supporting schools to become more playful.

TIME: 14:45 LENGTH: 1.5 hours

Introducing PARS a new model of playwork practice - Shelly Newstead

PARS is a new model of playwork practice which has been created from research based on the work of the adventure playground pioneers. This session will explain how the PARS model was created, and how it is being used around the world. Come and find out why playwork isn't about play!

TIME: 16:15 LENGTH: 45 mins TARGET AUDEINCE: For Anyone

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