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Playwork Outside of Adventure Playgrounds

Building resilience through play outdoors - Anne-Marie Mackin

Ideally we will meet on the beach, hot drinks in hand and return indoors towards the end of the session. We will think about our own childhood memories of playing outside, how it made us feel and what we learnt and gained from it. We will think about how we can support the children we work with to have similar experiences and about how this can benefit them. We will consider how to bring the elements in to our settings both indoors and outside

TIME: 9:30 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Play in Schools and Childrens Wellbeing - The OPAL Team

A school providing great play could give hundreds of children access to at least 190 hours of quality play provision a year. A typical two form entry primary school can deliver around 43,000 child play hours a year. What would be the impact if hundreds of schools started providing amazing play, every day, for every child? OPAL Outdoor Play and Learning would like to share with you our experiences  of a revolution in education. Hundreds of schools across the UK and Canada are becoming expert providers of playwork. Thousands of children are starting to have access to millions of hours of great play through their schools.
Using video, photos and stories we will share our experience of amazing play in schools on children's well-being.

TIME: 11:15 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Playwork - Outside of Adveture Playgrounds... and Beyond! - Vin Callan

For playworkers who work in all settings, this session will explore the opportunities that environmental and perceived "limitations" can present us when providing child led play.

Part talk, part workshop and part group discussion, come along and be a part of the adventure!

TIME: 13:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

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