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Playwork and Pedagogy - Peachy or Pants- Joan Beattie

Another conundrum for you to help me out with this year! One of my new playwork students told me that funding to attend the training would be paid if they could prove that the Pedagogy and Playwork approach could be used in their company business plan. This wasn't what I was thinking of including in the training but, hey - I like a challenge - and hopefully you do too. Can it be done? You decide. Bring your coffee along, chat to new friends and enjoy this fun and interesting workshop.

TIME: 9:30 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Inspecting Your Adventure Playground - Rob Wheway and Simon Rix

It is vital that adventure playground staff inspect their playground properly.  This helps to ensure that you can have adventurous activities as you will be able to demonstrate you have good procedures in place. There was a consultative session on this at last year’s Eastbourne Conference.  Since then a draft document has been published which can be downloaded from our website ( under the “Publications” tab.  This session will be the final consultation before publication.  It will also inform participants of available training and report back from recent training.  This builds on “Risk and Safety in Play” the recognised guidance for adventure playgrounds.

TIME: 12:30 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

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