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Becoming a Playworker: Reflections on practice at Gwealan Tops - Donna Eastman and Kerry Raymond

A fun interactive workshop delivered by 2 relatively new playworkers from Cornwall’s First and only Adventure Playground!! If you are already a seasoned playworker this is a chance to revisit who you were when you started your playwork journey and share what you have learnt. If you are new to playwork this is the workshop you wished you had been on before your first play shift! Get involved in discussions, competitions & playful interactions.

TIME: 9:30 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Struggles & Rhythms of the Playground - Paula Madden, Ellen Delaney and Ashley Bagnall

Struggles & Rhythms of the Playground is an insight behind the scenes look at what it takes to manage our Outdoor Adventure Playground.

We will endeavor to explain where we have come from and our journey over the past 10 years.  Initially being funded by the local council and recently how we dealt with becoming a charity and being self sufficient.

TIME: 14:15 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Moving Towards a Sustainable Sycamore Adventure - Keith Rogers

Hear about how Sycamore Adventure playground have responded creatively and made significant changes to the service because of the national cuts to play budgets. The West Midland's based playground has been on a significant journey, moving towards becoming sustainable. Sycamore Adventure is required to generate over 70% of it's annual income and has developed a range services and methods to do so. We want to share our stories, experiences, successes and our failures with you, while demonstrating the tools that we have developed in the process. There will be time and opportunity for participants to share their experiences and develop ideas for income generation at their sites.

TIME: 16:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

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