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Current Research

Why don't playworkers read? - Shelly Newstead

This session busts several myths about playwork literature. It looks at where playwork literature is stored (especially historical adventure playground literature) and how playwork practitioners can get access to it. It also tells you how to find out about research even if you are not a researcher. Come and find out about playwork literature and start the playwork reading revolution!

TIME: 9:30 LENGTH: 45 minutes TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

Autism, Play and the Brain - Becky Willans

The session will start with an overview of the PhD research and why this area is being studied. it will move on to an exploration of current and ongoing findings from literature relating to visual processing and brain structure in autistic children and young people and how this influences their play experiences. It will then discuss possible inclusive research methods for primary research with autistic children and young people. The session will be linked to the playwork principles and legislation for disabled children and young people throughout.

TIME: 10:30 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: Wanting More

Rhythm and Authority in the playspace -Simon Rix

A discussion on techniques for playworkers to leave the creation of space to children playing, whilst still fulfilling their responsibilities as the adults who 'run' the space. If the role of the playworker is to support children in the creation of a playspace, there can come points where adult expectations of authority and control come into conflict with the intent and content of play, and the playworker’s impact on the space problematic. I hope to touch on the nature of authority, the relationship between children, space and playwork and the rhythms of this relationship. I’ll use others’ observations, mine and yours, to explore how a situation, once constructed, can enter its dialogue stage with those its inhabitants.

TIME: 12:00 LENGTH: 1 hour TARGET AUDIENCE: Getting There

Ways to document what's unique about playwork - Wendy Russell

As a sector we’ve got used to articulating the value of playwork in the language of funders and inspectors. This workshop introduces ‘critical cartography’: an approach to documenting playwork that looks at the stuff headline ‘outcomes’ miss out. It offers a participatory exploration of the conceptual tools used. Some of the ideas presented are radically different from our traditional psychological approaches to play and playwork, and so some people find them difficult to engage with at first. But the practical aspects bring the theory to life and as long as people have an open mind, the workshop is suitable for everyone.

TIME: 13:00 LENGTH: 1.5 hours TARGET AUDIENCE: For Anyone

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